Mark Cuban Allegedly Fingered a Fan

The Dallas Mavericks are one of the worst teams in the NBA and things aren’t any better off the court. A few weeks ago a Sports Illustrated story came out detailing the “corrosive workplace culture” of the Mavericks organization. The story alleged that Mavericks CEO and president Terdema Ussery is notorious for sexual harassment and put the spotlight on other Mavericks staff members as sexual harassment perpetrators.

Mavericks owners Mark Cuban denied knowledge of the situation.

New allegations have come to light, this time directly accusing Cuban of sexual assault.

The incident occurred in April 2011, with the victim alleging that Cuban stuck his hand down her jeans and finger her while posing for a photo in Portland.

Here is an except from the police report, obtained by the Willamette Week:

“He then moved his hand down until it was on her buttocks. Cuban then pushed his hand down the back of her jeans and inside her underwear where he cupped his hand over her groin area and inserted the tip of his finger into her vagina.”

The woman went to the police a week later, giving them seven cell phone photos, none of which were released. One image is described as “Cuban reaching down towards her buttocks.”

Cuban spoke to police directly following the report being filed. He denied the charges. On top of his denial, he took a polygraph test that he passed and had two urologists clear him. One stated, “[Cuban] is a large male with large hands, making penetration without lubrication of the woman in the standing position virtually impossible.”

Police found insufficient evidence in the case, dropping any charge in July 2011. The alleged victim told Willamette Week that she has moved on from the incident, but stands by her story.

Cuban continues to deny the incident.

And Cuban thought tanking would be his biggest problem this season.

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