Kanye West Fans Who Hate Taylor Swift Have An Easy Way to Date Each Other Now

If you think Kanye West’s a genius, find your new tribe at Yeezy Dating. The new site is about to launch and whet appetites with a couple of Instagrams.

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It calls itself a “dating site for fans of the genius Mr Kanye West.” It also specifically sans “Taylor Swift fans are banned from this website.” Obviously a joke because how would you ever really ban those fans. People aren’t taking sides in the dead Kanye West/Taylor Swift feud I hope. That feud is so old.

The site doesn’t look like it has any affiliation with West. For sure, West would’ve made a way better landing page.

I’m guessing this site will be like any other dating site or app. A whole bunch of people you’ll end up ignoring and not wanting to date.

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