No One Is Watching ‘American Idol’ Because We’ve Finally Had Enough Ryan Seacrest

American Idol returned to television earlier this month and… no one cared. The premiere episode on ABC did 10.3 million viewers, down from the 13.3 million the series finale did on FOX. By comparison, The Voice season premiere on NBC did 12.3 million viewers a couple of weeks earlier.

This past Monday, the two shows went head-to-head. American Idol clocked in with 7.7 million viewers while The Voice garnered 10.7 million viewers.

Who is to blame for Idol’s rating woes? Ryan Seacrest, of course.

According to Radar Online, FOX executives are pointing the finger at Seacrest and his recent sexual assault scandal for the reason people aren’t watching people sing badly. Here’s what a source had to say about the situation:

“Now they are trying to make Ryan Seacrest the scapegoat while they scramble to figure out exactly what they are doing wrong. Ryan is flipping out right now, and he thinks that it is ridiculous that they are trying to say that it’s his fault the ratings are tanking”

A FoxNews report has ABC insiders denying Radar’s claims, pointing to the growing ratings of Live with Kelly and Ryan to proof that they are happy with Seacrest.

FoxNews and Radar are the only outlets reporting on this news, so take that for what it’s worth.

Along with Seacrest, Katy Perry is shouldering some of the blame as well. She signed a $45 million deal to be a judge on the show with the hope that she would bring in her fan base. They must not have seen the sales of her last album.

Perry is caught up in controversy of her own, having killed a nun and bankrupting another.  She’s reportedly acting like a diva on set with bosses preventing her from “turning it into The Katy Show.” I’d say they are late on that considering she took a boy’s kissing virginity on the air.

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