Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot Continue Their Fake Twitter Feud

Deadpool 2 is coming in a few months and thankfully, public test screenings look good. Also, the trailer looks amazing. Look at this trailer! It’s still hilarious, and this time it even has footage from the actual movie.

I am hyped for this movie, and you’re hearing that from a person who skipped Black Panther and is going to skip Infinity War because I just need a break from Marvel movies. I have so many questions, like who is in Deadpool’s X-Force other than Domino? Is Terry Crews playing G.W. Bridge, a character creatively named after an actual bridge that used to hang out with Cable and Domino, or is he playing someone else? Also, how awesome is Terry Crews, just in general?

Now, you may remember Ryan Reynolds giving Gal Gadot an in-character congratulations on the success of Wonder Woman with a friendly jab, even though it was made by the Distinguished Competition. Being a good sport, Gadot returned the gesture to Ryan Reynolds on Instagram.

Reynolds responded in-character on Twitter. Just as long as he doesn’t go full Jared Leto it’s cute.

But one intrepid fan pointed out that neither of them originated that iconic super hero pose.

Man, what are the X-Men films going to even be without him and Patrick Stewart?

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