Selena Gomez Appears to Be on Team Aniston

Man, poor Jennifer Aniston. It’s like dating her is the last thing guys do before they meet the love of their lives. Her latest ex, Justin Theroux, has been dating Petra Collins pretty much since before he and Aniston got divorced. Man, that one has to hurt, when your man leaves you for a younger woman, you at least expect her to be better looking.

But it seems like Theroux and Collins’ relationship has caused more than one break-up and Collins’ long-time friend Selena Gomez recently unfollowed the photographer on Instagram, according to The Daily Mail.

Interestingly, singer Selena Gomez – who was best friends with Petra – appears to have just unfollowed the photographer on Instagram.

The duo were close friends ever since Selena was photographed and interviewed for the September 2015 issue of Wonderland magazine.

Petra also directed and shot Selena’s music video for Fetish just last year.

It may be coincidence but it may also be because the 25-year-old songstress has been good friends with Aniston for a lot longer.

She once credited the Friends alum for giving her lots of maternal advice.

Of course, there are other explanations. For example, Petra seems fond of posting nude pictures of herself on her Instagram.

Yeah, unfollow.

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