Taylor Swift Drops Her Duff, No Longer Friends With Lena Dunham

Man, there’s nothing like some social media drama to start the week. It’s like coffee mixed with cocaine instead of non-dairy creamer. It’s even better when the drama involves people who are, let’s face it, pretty terrible. And that’s why I love that future subway flasher Lena Dunham is just passive-aggressively favoriting mean tweets about the world’s most famous serial monogamist on Twitter.

Although Dunham followed that up by saying she was “proud” of Taylor.

And then she stopped following Swift on Twitter. Drama!

The rumor is that after her breakup with Jack Antonoff, while Dunham was posting this on her Instagram:

Antonoff was busy moving on with Lorde, another member of Taylor Swift’s Squad. He certainly has a type.

Yah yah yah.

This all follows rumors of more trouble in Swift-land. She’s dating Joe Alwyn now, keeping him sequestered from the public so no one can guess about the contents of her next album after they break up, but the relationship is tearing her Squad apart. And Jennifer Lawrence is trying to get to the bottom of what happened between Swift and Karlie Kloss. Personally I’m shocked that famous women would have trouble maintaining friendships and be reduced to petty squabbles about men.

Dunham is probably just glad to be in the news for something other than saying she wishes she had an abortion or making anti-semitic jokes about how her dog is like a Jewish boyfriend.

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