Taylor Swift Rips Off Spike Jonze

Taylor Swift just released her Joseph Kahn-directed video for “Delicate”. Actually, it’s a good song compared to the drivel that’s been released off Reputation recently. Her new video has her imagining what life would be like if she was invisible. Maybe she should disappear so we would all know too.

With her new powers of invisibility, Swift is free to dance as if no one’s watching. She also makes faces in the mirror. Faces she’d make if she didn’t have to adhere to the rigid front that she puts on for everyone. Guess that’s the point of the video.

Those are the same faces you make on your dates, but whatever.

The other point of the video, according to Swift, is what happens when your new boyfriend/girlfriend might have preconceived notions about you.

As Swift explained to fans at a private event last fall, “Delicate” — about stressing over a new crush — explores the question: “What happens when you meet somebody that you really want in your life and then you start worrying about what they’ve heard before they met you?”

Obviously, she’s talking about Joe Alwyn, her new man that she’s hidden from the public like a case of lip herpes. Alwyn, reveal thyself! Actually, have you noticed the drip of Swift-related information that’s come out in recent weeks? Mostly press stuff like behind-the-scenes rehearsals for the Reputation tour and Ed Sheeran talking about how they wrote “End Game”.

But also, magical paparazzi pictures of the two hiking in Malibu. Gee, think this has anything to do with the tour and video? It’s all part of her publicity timeline.

Anyway, people online have started pointing out how similar the “Delicate” video is to Spike Jonze’s Kenzo perfume ad from 2016.

Is it copying? Her dance moves look like the one from Jonze’s ad. The facial expressions are similar. How Jonze has his actress dancing down the hotel hallway and Kahn does the same with Swift is similar too. If you just viewed all these by themselves, you’d say they’re just coincidences. Yet, they’re all in the same video, so I’m coming down on the side of Kahn copied Jonze.

Kahn hasn’t replied, even though you know he’s aware of this. The guy’s always jumping out to defend Swift like the good yes-man that he is.

At least we get more gifs of Swift dancing.

Also, Taylor Swift looks like she’s holding inflamed testicles in this shot.

You can watch Swift’s video and Jonze’s ad and make up your won mind.

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Not Telling
Not Telling
5 years ago

The dancing in both videos is atrocious. They should be embarrassed. This is typical generic bullshit and the only reason it is selling is because her fans are too stupid to know what good music is.