The Taylor Swift Squad Is Coming Apart

We got Taylor Swift Squad drama!

As you may or may not know, Taylor Swift has been dating Joe Alwyn, but the two never appear together and we’re not even sure he really exists. Given how public her dating life has been in the past, keeping this current relationship on the way down low low isn’t much of a surprise.

But it’s tearing the Squad apart.

An unnamed member of the Swift Squad told Grazia, “Celebrity friendships are weird. You don’t see each other for forever, and you accept that, but Taylor’s gone off-grid in a big way since meeting Joe.” The anonymous member went on to say that Swift told member of the Squad to not bring her up during interviews.

“I even heard about people getting requests not to mention her in interviews. It’s hard when that’s all you’re asked about, but Taylor is hyper-sensitive. I guess you have to be high-maintenance to become the biggest pop star in the world.”

But reports of the Squad’s demise might be greatly exaggerated. A second source told Grazia:

“Taylor’s been keeping a low profile, but there hasn’t been a big fall-out. She was stung by claims her squad was elitist and prefers to spend time with close friends one-on-one at the moment. Since meeting Joe, her priorities have shifted, and everyone’s hoping for her sake that it works out. If it doesn’t, she may find herself having to make some awkward reparations.”

Swift has kept a low profile since the release of her album Reputation last year. Her social media presence has  been limited to promoting tour dates and album releases. And cat pictures. Can’t forget the cat pictures.

The rumor that she and Karlie Kloss had a falling out remains the biggest unsolved mystery in pop culture.

Here’s what we do know: Her tour kicks off on May 8. She’ll be in the spotlight for the rest of the year as a result. So if you’ve enjoyed this public break from the Queen of Pop, it’s about to end.

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