Tori Spelling Has Gone Crazier

“Tori Spelling Has Gone Crazy” kind of feels like a dog bites man story to me by now, but apparently the police have been called to her L.A. home today because she was having some sort of mental breakdown. TMZ reported that she was “acting aggressive” and that multiple teams of police officers have gone in and out of her neighborhood. They also reported her husband spoke to police, but that there was no sign of Tori herself.

Dean McDermott was seen talking with 2 officers and showing them his arm (possibly a new tat?) before shaking hands and appearing to send them on their way. Still no sign of Tori or anyone else in the family, though.

The rumors are that Spelling, who is famous because her father put her in a TV show he was producing alongside some actual actors, was feeling overwhelmed because she was pregnant again.

Tori Spelling talked mommyhood struggles the day before her mental breakdown … so says Corinne Olympios.

The ‘Bachelor’ alum tells TMZ she hung out with Tori following her “Secrets in the Sauce” cooking segment Wednesday with Erica Domesek. Corinne says she was in the makeup room with Tori, who was quiet at first and exhibited signs of a distressed mom.

Corinne says Tori seemed particularly overwhelmed that she got pregnant immediately after giving birth to kid no. 4 last year. Corinne adds Tori cracked a joke about not wanting to head straight home.

This seems to have come out of nowhere, it’s not like Spelling had done anything crazy in the past like starve herself after giving birth, piss in weird places or be weirdly naked in front of her kids all the time. Like, all the time. Hopefully Spelling is okay and will get the help she needs. Mainly because I’m going to seem way too mean if she has some serious problem.

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