Where in the World Is Kanye West?

Wyoming. He’s in Wyoming.

Why he’s there is the question. Not just for the skiing, even though he’s been doing some of that.

Kanye, with pink hair now, took this pic with a lucky kid. That kid wasn’t even half as lucky as this other guy.

Kanye and Kim with a fan in Jackson, Wyoming. March 10.

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That dude got Kim Kardashian AND Kanye in one pic.

Kanye’s in Wyoming, not just skiing, but recording his new album. He’s been said to be recording on a mountaintop which is nearly as cool as Brad Pitt holed up in a ceramics studio listening to Bon Iver.

Kanye’s probably recording with Travis Scott because Scott showed up on the slopes also.

A bunch of other people too. Kid Cudi, Nas, producer Pi’erre Bourne and ASAP Bari.

Also, The Dream and King Louie.

Smart to choose Wyoming. No paparazzi wants to free their balls off for any pics out there.

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