This Video Really Stretches the Boundaries of What’s Considered Yoga

I woke up today and I wanted to do some yoga, maybe get in shape, lose a few of those winter pounds, so I did what anyone would do and went to YouTube to look for yoga videos. I’m going to share what I found with you, because it is like no yoga I’ve ever seen anyone do.

This is not yoga, this is soft-core porn. It’s 15 minutes of a woman on a couch putting her feet behind her head.

Also, I feel like I could have given her a colonoscopy during this video, her butthole popped out so much I thought she might be Jennifer Lawrence.

Nevertheless, I was intrgiued, so I decided to have a look around this rabbit hole I had fallen down.

Well, I’m motivated to do something, but it isn’t to work out.

This actually reminded me of when ESPN used to have Kiana Tom on working out for like half an hour every morning. Remember that from high school? Yeah, these “fitness” shows died off pretty quickly after the internet made porn readily available. The show was called Flex Appeal, it’s like they weren’t even hiding that they expected you to jerk off to this. Also, their “home fitness” programs featured thousands of dollars of gym equipment. My home gym consists entirely of a single pair of track pants.

Yeah, that’s a good workout. Nothing sexual there, just pure fitness. especially the part where she touches her elbows together behind her back. That’s a classic workout maneuver. Wholesome is what it is.

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