Bella Hadid Wore a Disguise in Japan to Get a Feel for What Life Will Be Like in Five Years When No One Recognizes Her Without a Disguise

Bella Hadid has a secret identity. She disguises herself as Rebekka Harajuku, presumably so she can sneak around unnoticed, which, let’s be honest, she could do by taking her make-up off and wearing sweatpants. And I’m not sure she understands how secret identities work because she exposed her secret Rebekka Harajuku Instagram on her regular Instagram, which has 17 million very thirsty followers.

If you’re wondering where the name Harajuku comes from, it’s a district in Tokyo’s Shibuya ward, which is known for the Harajuku style, a mix of Gothic Lolita, Western and traditional Japanese clothes, along with hair dyed in bright colors. Harajuku girls basically look like Easter decorations and/or those little ceramic dolls your weird aunt collects.

Thankfully, Hadid avoided dressing up in Harajuku style and opted to wear a blonde wig and sunglasses, while also referring to herself in the third person.

Referring to your made-up secret identity in the third person while giving yourself cutesy nicknames is weird, right? It’s not just me, is it?

No, sweetie, no, that’s not Rebekka being Rebekka,it’s Bella being Rebekka. You know that, right? I need to know that you know that Rebekka isn’t real. Also the it’s spelled Rebecca.

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