Bill Cosby ‘Feeling Great’ for Someone About to Die in Prison

Yesterday was the final nail in Bill Cosby’s coffin. A jury found the entertainer/comedian/rapist guilty of three counts of sexual assault against Andrea Costand in 2004. Three is incredibly low with all the stories coming out about Cosby’s history. It makes me wonder how many more cases will be tried.

Aside from in-court displays of bizarre behavior like barking like a dog and referring to himself in the third person screeching “He doesn’t have a private plane, you asshole!,” Cosby hasn’t said much.

His spokesman, Andrew Wyatt, came out today to speak for him though on ABC’s Good Morning America. He said Cosby’s “feeling great” and then went on to deliver an update as delusional as his client.

“He’s feeling great. He’s confident. Although he’s been found guilty, he’s innocent of these charges and he maintains his innocence. He’s going to walk around as a man who’s innocent because he didn’t do anything wrong. He’s confident because he didn’t do anything wrong. These are allegations that are decade-long allegations. These women have no evidence. They went to no authorities.”

GMA should’ve then asked Wyatt if he’d leave his daughter alone with Cosby. I’m pretty sure his response wouldn’t have been a cheerful “sure!,” but a hearty “helllll nooo! That dude’s a rapist! Haven’t you heard??”

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5 years ago

A+ for that closing paragraph:) That’s the benchmark isn’t it – “would you leave your kids with this person” is the definition of whether you believe someone is trustworthy.