Boxer in ‘America 1st’ Trunks Gets Slaughtered by a Dude From Mexico

I like to support the home team in sports. When I’m not cheering for the local team (go Pens!) I generally like to support the underdog, like really getting behind Kazakhstan in Olympic hockey. Unfortunately, sometimes the home team and the underdog are both douchebags, like if you lived in Boston in 2001. This happened in junior lightweight boxing last night when American underdog “Lightning” Rod Salka stepped into the ring wearing trunks with a red, white and blue wall reading “America First” to duke it out with former WBC champion Francisco “El Bandito” Vargas, who is from Mexico City, Mexico.

It was a bad night for racists when their great white hope got absolutely curb stomped before Vargas took him down in the sixth round, and he never made it back into the ring for the seventh.

Look at that. I haven’t seen a beating like that since Jay Z got into that elevator with Beyonce’s mom. There’s just something deeply satisfying about watching a racist piece of crap get plastered like that.

I don’t even like Phil Collins and that brings a smile to my face.

Salka getting beaten like an NFL player’s wife is going to end up in a K-tel compilation of the 25 best Nazi punches one day.

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