Carrie Underwood Tricks Her Son with Makeup

Late last year, Carrie Underwood suffered a fall that resulted in her receiving 40 stitches in her face. Don’t worry, she turned out to be just fine. Take a look for yourself.

Despite looking almost exactly the same, this didn’t stop Underwood for fearing that others would view her as hideous. Her biggest worry was that she would scare her son. Appearing on The Bobby Bones Show (transcript via E! Online), Underwood detailed her fears.

“For a while, I was worried (my son) would be scared of me. But now if I put makeup on, he’s like, ‘Mommy, your boo-boo’s all gone.'”

Makeup. Making women look beautiful since forever.

Underwood’s son is 3. If Underwood really wanted to scare him, she could just hide in the closet and jump out at night. That’s all 3-year-olds are really afraid of.

The country singer also detailed the night of her fall. Despite previous reports, alcohol and an affair were not the cause.

“I was clumsy and I tripped. I held onto the dog leashes in my left hand and went to catch myself with my right and just missed the step. There’s one lone step. I said if I had fallen anywhere else, I would have been absolutely fine, but it’s just because there was, I went to catch myself and I missed.”

She might be a talented singer, but walking isn’t her strong suit. This fall is 100 percent on Mike Fisher. How the hell did he spend his short retirement if he wasn’t adding an extra step to his home so his wife wouldn’t fall and bust her face?

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