Guys Are Spending Big Bucks to Get Channing Tatum’s Macho Mouth on Their Faces

Okay, ladies, I owe you an apology. When I heard that women were getting plastic surgery to make their nipples look like Kendall Jenner’s nipples, I thought it was possibly the dumbest thing anyone other than Kanye West had ever said. But it turns out men are having even dumber cosmetic surgeries than the ladies getting their nipples filled with caulk or whatever to give themselves permanent pokies.

Page Six presented a report on the procedure where men have their bottom lips enlarged to look more like celebrities like Channing Tatum. Despite the fact that the procedure is called “Macho Mouth,” one of the celebrities mentioned being emulated is Harry Styles, who is roughly as macho as the Village People.

Oh yeah, dude, you look just like Channing Tatum aside from your chin and body and face. Good work on the lips though.

Guys, I have some advice for you. If you want to get an elective surgical procedure to make you more attractive to women, get the one where they make your tongue longer. There is no amount of plastic surgery you can get that’s going to let you compete with a dude who can lick his own eyebrows. And if you’re into dudes… same advice, but maybe do some crunches, too, men are shallow.

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