Chris Brown Threatens to Knockout Valet, but Graciously Stops Himself Because ‘Too Many Cameras’

Those anger management classes paid off for Chris Brown.

Outside TAO in Los Angeles on Thursday, Brown threatened to knockout a valet, but managed to keep his cool.

In the video, Brown says, “you’re trying to rape me right now” before threatening, “I should knock you out.” Being potentially conned out of a couple extra dollars when you’re a millionaire is a pretty loose definition of rape.

Cooler heads prevailed and Brown ends up paying the man, but not before claiming he’ll knock him out next time if he’s not hooked up. The valet ends up smiling and going for a hug, knowing that Brown isn’t going to do anything to him. If the valet attendant were female, then hands may have been thrown.

This isn’t the first time Brown has had trouble with a valet attendant. Five years ago at PINZ bowling alley, Brown was involved in another parking lot altercation.

Brown wanted his keys, the attendant wanted his ten dollars. Brown claimed they would “turn this whole spot up” before walking away with his keys.

He wouldn’t have this problem if he just took an Uber.

Prior to entering TAO, TMZ caught up with Brown to ask him about the Conor McGregor incident.

If you has Chris Brown being more level headed than McGregor in Thursday’s pool, congratulations. The winner is you.

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