Conor McGregor in Custody, Charge of Class One Douchebaggery to Follow

Conor McGregor is taking his promo-ing a little too far.

If you follow MMA, then you already know that McGregor threw a hand dolly through the window of a bus carrying multiple UFC fighters. The backstory is that McGregor wanted to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov and his team for confronting his friend and teammate, Artem Lobov, a couple of days ago. The other backstory is that no, McGregor really doesn’t want to “fight” Khabib, only act like he does.

Well, now he’s in police custody in New York waiting to be charged for assault.

Here’s the video of Conor and his goons rushing the UFC bus and goading Khabib to come out (but secretly not wanting him to really get off the bus).

Check out Conor running over to throw the dolly. That’s when his crew suddenly realize, wait, I thought we were playacting and not really gonna do anything.

Good thing McGregor banked $100m off the Mayweather fight. That’s because now he’s probably facing multiple lawsuits from fighters directly injured from the dolly, the fighters pulled off the card from those injuries and UFC employees physically hurt from being involved in the fight.

On the flip side, McGregor was a plumbing apprentice, so he’s still got that to fall back on.

Update (4/5/18 4:52 PST): According to TMZ, these are the charges Conor will face:

Sources tell us Conor has been charged with 2 counts of misdemeanor assault and one count of felony criminal mischief.

We’re told one assault charge is for the injuries to Chiesa’s face … and the other is for allegedly punching someone in the face several times.

We’re told the criminal mischief charge is for the damages to the bus, which amounts to approximately $8,000.

Based on my law degree from Pulling This Out of My Ass University, I bet he’ll plead those down, pay some fine and do no jail time. His bigger issue is all the lawsuits he’ll likely face.

Also, who did he allegedly punch? I must’ve missed that.

There’s one assault charge for injuries to Chiesa’s face. Ray Borg also was in the bus, and got pulled off the UFC 223 card due to glass shards hitting his eye. There’s gotta be an assault charge for that too.

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