EDM Group Cheat Codes Seem Really Tough

Fresh off their not at all sad performance at Ultra Miami last month where their prerecorded playlist stopped mid-set and forced them to stop dicking around on top of their decks, EDM group Cheat Codes performed at Fairfield University’s annual Clam Jam over the weekend. Before we get to that though, here’s their cringey Ultra set. Turn on the subtitles for better effect.

Yikes. That would make most people die inside. But not these two. No way. They soldiered through that embarrassment over the weekend in hopes reaching new heights. How did they do that? They got into a fight with a college kid.

Well, it wasn’t so much a fight as much as it was a kid mouthing off to both of them and the two guys from Cheat Codes whining for security like a 5-year-old yelling for their mom and then shoving the kid’s face while security held him back. I’m surprised that they don’t run back behind their decks shrieking after putting their hands on that kid.

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