Elizabeth Hurley Just Can’t Stop Getting Her Boobs Out Around Her Teenage Son

Guys, I need to have a little chat with Liz Hurley, if you can just give us some space for a second, that’d be great. Okay, Liz, what’s going on with you and your son? It’s great that you have a close relationship, but why are you, your son and Joan Collins just hanging out while you’re dressed in what appears to be a Halloween costume that came out of a bag labeled “slutty maid”?

It would be one thing if this was a one-off picture, I’m pretty sure it’s from the set of The Royals, so maybe Liz was wearing that costume as part of the show. I mean, why wouldn’t the Queen Mother of England be dressed as a slutty maid? It’s on E! so the rules of common sense are out the window anyway. But Liz is constantly in photos with her young, male family members that look like the first act of a softcore porno movie on Showtime.

I’m not saying there’s anything inappropriate going on between Hurley and her son, but the pair are unusually close. Like the way Woody Allen was unusually close to Mia Farrow’s daughter Soon-Yi. I’m sure that nothing untoward is happening, but it’s just odd that they look at each other the way I look at first edition Chris Claremont X-Men comics.

This kid is totally going to grow up to be Buster Bluth, isn’t he? Stay away from loose seals, kid.

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