Emily Ratajkowski Smokes Weed in a Bikini

It’s Emily Ratajkowski day once again and that means more pictures of Emily Ratajkowski.

There are so many things going on in this photo. First, that’s obviously a blunt in her mouth. The green top is pretty fitting in that respect. Second, Emily, as usual, has no problem showing off her cleavage. In fact, this is one of her more tame photos. Finally, that’s a pretty cool hat.

The caption reads “When in…” but that doesn’t clear things up. The blunt in her mouth may give the impression that she’s in Jamaica while the caption could theorize that she’s in Rome.

It turns out, she’s in Positano, which is a village in Campania, Italy. She’s there celebrating her sister’s birthday.

It doesn’t look like she’ll be there long based on her latest Instagram photo.

The newlywed has spent the major of her online time promoting her new swimwear line, which has led to plenty of bikini photos.

It’s always a good day when it’s Emily Ratajkowski day.

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