Hungry Woman Found in Neighbor’s Bathtub, Naked and Eating Cheetos

Evelyn Washington just wanted to enjoy a nice bath and a plate of Cheetos. Nothing wrong with that, right? Not if it’s done in your own home. But if you break into someone else’s home, use their bath, and eat their Cheetos, then it becomes a problem.

In fact, it gets you arrested.

Washington broke into a Louisiana residence and did exactly that. She was in the bath and eating Cheetos when the homeowner discovered her. She was arrested for burglary and criminal damage.

When asked why she did it, Washington said, “an unknown male told me to do it.” Wonder if she would have done it if he told her to jump off a bridge. Washington’s home is less than a mile from the home she broke into.

The officer said the tub was full of water and a plate of food, including the Cheetos, were on the toilet next to the tub.

Washington is locked up in lieu of $8,000 bond. Cheetos would have cost a dollar at the grocery store.

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