Instagram Model Sued for ‘Sexually Assaulting’ Dog

The worst people in the world are not passive-aggressive roommates who leave you notes instead of asking you to turn your TV down a bit, it’s not people who don’t tip at restaurants despite knowing their waitress is getting paid like $2 an hour and it’s not even Kanye West. The worst people in the world are people who have social media accounts for their pets where they post as if the pet was running the account.

Meet Hef the dog, a good boy with a terrible owner.

Hef’s owner likes to post pictures of his dogs with half-naked women for some reason. His name is Tony and if you aren’t already convinced he’s a piece of s**t, well, he doesn’t exactly make it hard to prove.

Hey, slut shaming from the guy who has an Instagram of his dog putting his paw on women’s asses. I don’t get what the point of slut-shaming even is, no one has ever gone to a concert to see someone play the piano for the first time.

Yeah, he’s a stand-up human being.

And such a classy guy.

So this upstanding citizen invited some models over to be props in pictures with his dog, and after some sort of disagreement with one of them, he’s now claiming she raped his dog.

That’s the video of the model with the dog, and it seems like if anyone is doing the raping, it’s Hef. She kind of looks like she’s doing her best to not get humped. This is the picture they were trying to get, by the way.

Here’s what Tony ended up doing because he didn’t like that she posted that video.

Isn’t he awesome and not at all the biggest piece of s**t on the planet? By the way, he posted this to his dog’s Instagram.

He even updated the dog’s profile to read “Hef Dog Hef’s my name, victim of sexual abuse #me2 #playboydog #bitchmagnet.” Because he’s a high-class fellow who wants to teach “Instagram hos” a lesson.

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