Fred Durst and John Travolta Is the Director/Actor Dream Team We Deserve

This is not a drill. Fred Durst is directing a movie starring John Travolta. It’s called Moose and it’s about a fan who stalks a movie star. It’s basically the film version of Eminem’s “Stan.”

Travolta has starred in roughly two thousand films in his career. He’s taken direction from award winners like Quentin Tarantino, Mike Nichols, Oliver Stone, and more. But none of them compare to the guy who rhymed nookie with cookie even though the two were never related in the song.

Travolta told TMZ, “He’s so generous, and he’s such an artist. He allowed me to create a character that nobody else would allow. [Durst gave me] a lot of leeway and had great ideas. He already had this film in his imagination, so he knows how he’s going to put it together, so he knows how to let me be free within that boundary”

Moose and Durst on set

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Durst is no stranger to the director’s chair. He directed his own sex tape, which you probably forgot about until I just brought it up. You’re welcome.

There is no release information on Moose just yet. But we can already pencil it in for an Oscar nomination based on Travolta’s comments.

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