Jordan Peele’s Obama DeepFake Warns of the Dangers of DeepFakes

Hey guys, remember FakeApp, the deep learning program dudes on Reddit used to make fake porn and put Nicholas Cage into actual good movies for a change? Well, despite Reddit and a bunch of porn sites freaking out and banning videos made with the app, FakeApp is still around and people kind of love it.

Of course, some people are still pissing their panties about it, which I still find hilarious. Jordan Peele and Buzzfeed used FakeApp and Adobe After Effects to create this video of President Obama saying random bullshit like “Killmonger was right” (he was).

I find the reaction to this phenomenon hilarious, mainly because this technology is really nothing new. For starters, Fred Astaire never actually danced with a Dirt Devil vacuum.

And Peter Cushing was long dead when he appeared in Rogue One.

Of course, there were people who thought the use of Cushing’s likeness was disrespectful, but no one was pooping their pampers about not being able to distinguish what reality even is when it was just Disney and Industrial Light and Magic with the technology to make anyone look like they were doing or saying anything. Suddenly when technology is in the hands of us ordinary plebs and not the ruling class oligarchs it’s “frightening” and “alarming”.

On the other hand, we’re pretty certain, as a nation, that 10 dipshits in Russia posting Facebook memes about how Jesus would still be alive today if not for the strict gun control laws imposed on ancient Palestine by the Romans got an incompetent Alzheimer’s patient elected president, so maybe we do need a refresher on what the nature of our reality is. Luckily, the greatest philosopher of our time, Kanye West, is here for us once again.

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