Justin Bieber Punched Some Guy Choking Out a Girl at Coachella

This is probably one of the few things Justin Bieber can be commended for.

TMZ reports that Bieber went to a party where Patrick Schwarzenegger also attended. Some dude busted in and saw a girl he recognized. Doing what any rational human does, he grabbed her by the throat, pressed her against the wall and choked her.

Bieber and his crew kept telling the guy to let go, but he wouldn’t. TMZ says the guy might’ve been on drugs and said, “Go f*** yourself to Bieber.

So, Bieber, summoning all the honor he’s ever stored up in his life, punched the dude in the face. Kudos. Violence isn’t always the answer, but it seems appropriate here. Would you punch some dude choking out a girl for no reason? Bieber did something that a lot of us wouldn’t have the guts to do.

TMZ says the guy got thrown out. He later sought revenge by chasing down Bieber’s SUV like some rabid dog. That’s not a joke, he really did run after Bieber’s car according to TMZ.

If I got punched by Bieber in the face, I’d probably just go home and reevaluate my life.

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