Kendall Jenner Juggling Diplo and Blake Griffin

The NBA season almost over, which means Kendall Jenner needs to move on to actors and musicians.

According to The Sun, Jenner was spotted being “super-flirty” with Diplo at Coachella. The source said, “There was lots of touching and some extended hugging. They both appeared to be comfortable and familiar in each other’s company and hanging off everything the other ­person said.”

Kendall was last linked to Blake Griffin. The two were spotted at dinner last Thursday, but they also reportedly ignored each other at a party last weekend during Coachella. That trade to Detroit really sunk Griffin’s prospects of dating Jenner long term. She ain’t moving to Detroit.

The source went on to say, “Kendall has a lot of male interest and isn’t keen to be tied down in a serious relationship. Diplo is an extremely eligible catch and she seemed very ­flattered at the attention he was showing her.”

Diplo is most famous for dating Katy Perry and feuding with Taylor Swift because he dated Katy Perry. There is a 17 year age difference between Diplo and Jenner.

Jenner just launched Pizza Boys Radio on Apple Music station Beats 1. The show airs monthly and is about “music and friendship.” Probably not a good sign for the show if Jenner has already resorted to flirting with Diplo in order to get him to appear on her show.

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