Kim Kardashian Sells Her “Body” for Money

Kim Kardashian is getting naked again to promote her perfume. Just in case you forgot what she looks like with no clothes on, here’s a refresher:

The perfume is called “Body.” Someone got paid millions to come up with the idea of calling the perfume “Body” and then using Kardashian’s body to sell the perfume. Granted, she’s sold her body for money her entire career, now she’s finally owning it.

If that’s not enough, the perfume bottle is shaped like Kardashian’s body.

This is totally going to end with creepy dudes filling these perfume bottles with something that isn’t perfume.

The scent is scheduled to be release on April 30. No price tag has been revealed, but if we know anything about the Kardashians, we know it’s not going to be cheap. It’ll make you smell like Kris Jenner’s greed and Kanye West.

Twitter is very excited about the upcoming perfume.

Or not.

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