‘Lethal Weapon’ Star Clayne Crawford Gives First Good Apology in Hollywood History

On Tuesday, it was reported that Lethal Weapon is in danger of getting canceled or possibly recast due to the behavior of lead Clayne Crawford.

In an attempt to do some damage control and save his job, Crawford took to Instagram to address the reports.

In the post, Crawford takes blame for two on set blow-ups. First, he admits to being reprimanded for being angry over working conditions with a guest director.

I met with human resources, I apologized for my part of the conflict, and I completed studio-appointed therapy in October. I even shared a sizeable portion of my paycheck with one of the parties involved, per the instruction of the studio.

Second, he takes responsibility for a stunt gone wrong when he was the director.

An actor on set felt unsafe because a piece of shrapnel from an effect hit him. It was an unfortunate event that happened in spite of all precautions and procedures being followed. I take responsibility for the incident, because I was in charge of the set.

It would be easy to make fun of Crawford, but this is a good apology. It’s not a cookie-cutter “I’m sorry for those that I offended” and he didn’t try to deny anything. He admitted his mistakes, gave examples of his mistakes and showed his appreciation to those on-set and behind the scenes. Actions speak louder than words, but the words are strong.

If Lethal Weapon is renewed and Crawford stays on, he can thank this post for saving his ass.

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3 years ago

if he was reprimanded for an argument between himself and Daymon at least he is man enough to own up to it and apologize publicly. I don’t see Daymon saying anything. This show is great but I would say that 90% of that greatness is due to Clayne’s role as Riggs. I hope it isn’t canceled and if they recast him, I won’t continue to watch.

3 years ago

They could recast Wayans as Murtaugh and it would work. They could not recast Crawford as Riggs and have it still work though. Crawford IS Riggs. Crawford is a class act.

3 years ago

Didn’t work

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