Logan Paul Quits Vlogging, Making North Korean Nuclear Disarmament Only the Second Best Thing to Happen This Week

I’ve been a little mean about Logan Paul in the past, but I want to make it clear that it’s just because he’s an awful person and I think the world would be noticeably better if he went away and no one ever said his name again. So when Logan announced he was quitting his daily vlog, I celebrated by putting on my sailor uniform and kissing a woman I didn’t know in the middle of Times Square. So I’m writing this article from a police station holding cell because times have changed since V-J Day.

Of course, it’s not all good news, Logan will still be creating content for YouTube, and unfortunately none of that content is a one-way return visit to the suicide forest.

Yeah, he’s not even really ending his vlog, he’s just not doing it every day. He just built a studio in his house, we’re never going to be rid of this douche, are we?

To be honest, this seems more like a reaction to YouTube’s policies in the wake of Logan Paul’s douchebaggery. YouTube has been making it harder and harder for creators to make money on YouTube, and they’ve essentially decided that being able to perfect and license their demonetization algorithm is more valuable than whatever money they make on advertisements. Logan’s idiocy hasn’t just affected his own ability to make money on YouTube. Popular YouTube personalities who are also decent human beings, like Phillip DeFranco and Steven Williams, have been vocal about YouTube suppressing content in addition to demonetizing their content whenever they talk about anything even slightly controversial.

This has pretty much been a direct result of the Paul brothers douchebaggery becoming public. Mainstream media outlets have used Paul’s behavior to attack popular competitors on YouTube, such as CNN’s attack on The Young Turks, a left-wing news outfit and in particular Jimmy Dore, a stand-up comic who contributes to the program.

Basically, now that Logan Paul has ruined things for everyone, he’s using his newfound infamy to cut and run. Because he’s still a huge douche.

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