Lorde Apologizes for Accidentally Making a Really Funny Whitney Houston Joke

I think we’ve all said or done something that was inadvertently offensive because of a context we either didn’t know about or had forgotten about. Just usually we don’t get dragged by the entire internet for it, because none of us are as famous as Lorde, who made a seemingly innocent post to Instagram about how much she was looking forward to a nice, relaxing bath.

Turns out Whitney Houston died in a bathtub. I know that Lorde didn’t realize this when she posted a picture of a bathtub with the Whitney Houston lyric “And iiii will always love you” because that’s not the sort of joke Lorde would make; it’s the kind of joke I would make and I’m kind of mad I didn’t think of it first. It’s literally, without a doubt, the funniest joke Lorde has ever made, and she didn’t even do it on purpose.

Of course, Twitter can’t let a good joke pass without being offended, and so everyone rushed to their phones to express their phoney outrage.

Of course, at least one person actually got what was going on.

And thankfully, a big contingent of people on Twitter are cool and had actual good posts about this. By which I mean really funny shitposts.

There’s also a whole genre of “Brandy is gonna be pissed” tweets, which hit a good note of making fun of people being mad about nothing and Brandy wanting everyone to know she was friends with Whitney every chance she gets.

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