Miley Cyrus Was a Bad Girl on Easter

Miley Cyrus dropped her Can’t Be Tamed attitude long ago, but she still lets her freak flag fly from time to time.

It was out last week, when she took to Instagram to show she had been a bad girl on Easter.

The photo is part of a larger Easter photoshoot that has Miley going from lady in the streets to freak in a bunny costume.

Yes, that’s a carrot in her mouth. And she’s happy to see you.

The photoshoot was done by Vijat Mohindra. Cyrus also shared behind-the-scenes videos of the shoot on her Instagram page.

Cyrus, 25, has stayed out of the spotlight since her days of twerking. Her latest album, Younger Now was released in September 2017 to little fanfare, debuting fifth on the Billboard chart. She was hit with $300 million lawsuit over the song “We Can’t Stop” back in March.

It’s nice to see the old Miley make an appearance, but don’t expect her to return to her “tongue wagging, ass shaking” days. She left that life behind and is just boring nowadays.

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