Not Content With His Money, Stan Lee’s Former Partner Stole His Blood

Stan Lee is not long for this world. It pains me to say that, because Stan is such a wonderful person, but at 95 years old, even if Stan lived to be the oldest human being ever, that’s only another 25 years or so, tops. And sadly, in his twilight years, the people who Stan has taken care of professionally and worked with are trying to squeeze him dry before he dies.

TMZ has broken a new story concerning Stan’s former business associate Jerry Olivarez, whom you may know as the guy who got Stan to buy him an $850K house Stan knew nothing about, along with an unauthorized check for $300K, along with the home nurses who tried to extort Stan over bogus sexual harassment claims. It turns out that the two of them worked together to literally steal Stan the Man’s blood.

Here’s what we’re told. The businessman went to Stan’s personal nurse back in October with a forged document giving him authority to order a blood sample from the Marvel maven. Our sources claim he told the nurse to fill several vials and she obliged. We’re told she took so much Stan became dizzy.

Wow. I guess when draining a 95-year-old man’s blood didn’t pan out for her, she decided to claim he asked her for a blowjob as another avenue to get her hands on his cash. But the most disturbing part is what Olivarez is planning on doing with the blood.

No one from Stan’s camp had a clue the samples were taken, but we’re told his friend and partner, Keya Morgan, recently discovered the possible foul play. We’re told Stan’s people believe the former business associate has commissioned pens — presumably linked to Stan and Marvel — and the pens have an ink substitute … blood!!!

Stan’s peeps believe the business associate plans to sell the pens for a fortune, and they want to put a stop to it STAT. So Stan’s team has hired attorney Jonathan Freund to get to the bottom of the alleged plasma plot and not only file a lawsuit, but a police report as well.

Literal blood-suckers. I also wonder who wants a pen that writes with Stan Lee’s blood. That’s so utterly macabre.

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