Paris Jackson’s Family Is Afraid She’s Going to Dumbass Herself to Death

I never would have guessed that a 20-year-old who’s famous for being the daughter of one of the world’s most popular singers who died when she was 11 would be kind of messed up. My first hint was when she got that chakra tattoo between her boobs. But apparently since the King of Pop isn’t around to do it, Paris Jackson has resorted to dangling herself from extreme heights, and her family thinks she’s going to die. Page Six reports they’re so worried they’re afraid to even tell her homophobic grandmother and abusive grandfather.

What happened is that Paris walked on the edge of a rooftop and stumbled before falling into the arms of her girlfriend Cara Delevingne. Sounds kind of sweet, actually, but I don’t know because the video was deleted from Instagram.

But it’s what both the relative and the family source describe as Paris’ recent “bizarre” behavior that has the family on high alert.

Last November, she was photographed in France scaling lampposts while chain-smoking and taking selfies in what has been described as a “rundown area.” While in Australia, she was photographed licking a window and making funny faces at the paparazzi at the Melbourne Cup horse races.

Seriously? A 20-year-old climbed a lamppost and licked a window and you’re freaking about that? How about having an intervention to tell her to stop posting those “deep” quotes with the psychedelic backgrounds or pictures of her with a third eye photoshopped on. That’s a lot more disturbing.

That’s her real problem right there and someone needs to give her a basic bitchtervention to fix it.

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