Seth Rogen Has Been Living with Images of Donald Trump Heaving Himself on Stormy Daniels for a Decade

Seth Rogen has a comedy special coming up on Netflix for Alzheimer’s awareness, and he’s been out on the talk show circuit to promote it. One of his stops was on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, and the topic eventually turned to Stormy Daniels, possibly the first porn star to f**k an American president, but only because there weren’t any porn stars when JFK was alive.

It turns out Seth Rogen and Stormy Daniels are friends, or at least friendly, because they did two movies together. She played a stripper in Knocked Up, which Rogen explained actresses who wanted to be taken seriously didn’t want to do, but that “for Stormy, that was the easiest thing she did all week.” She was also in The 40-Year-Old Virgin as herself, essentially, the porn star who comes out of the screen when Steve Carrell is trying to masturbate, before he eventually gives up and watches Everybody Loves Raymond instead.

The interesting part, though, is when Rogen talks about how Stormy told them at the time she was sleeping with future President Trump.

I’ve known Stormy Daniels a long time. And I’ll be honest, she may have mentioned some of this stuff around 10 years ago, at the time, when you ask a porn star who they’ve been sleeping with and the answer was Donald Trump, it was, like, the least surprising thing that she could’ve said. And so, yeah, she had mentioned it actually.

And again it wasn’t — at the time — wasn’t that surprising and then, as his campaign rolled out, it became clear that no one cared about anything he did. So, it didn’t really occur to me even that it would come out or that anyone would care about it. But then when I saw it, I was like, “Oh, yeah, Stormy told us all about that.”

Stormy mentioned the interview on Twitter, which only raised more questions.

What did you do to Seth? I need to hear this story now.

Stormy also tweeted this yesterday, which wasn’t really related but it was really funny.

Have you ever wondered what a porn star thinks of The President of the United States’ performance in bed? Well, now you know. It just makes me all misty-eyed with American pride. I’m gonna play some Lee Greenwood and salute the flag.

[Image: Greg Skidmore]

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