Who Wants to Come to Sophie Turner’s Sausage Party?

Sophie Turner loves sausage. She just can’t get enough if it. Why are you giggling? This is serious, hard news journalism about how red-headed Game of Thrones and X-Men actress Sophie Turner is always putting sausages in her mouth and… oh, wait, I see it. You’re laughing because I said she was a redhead but she’s actually a blonde, she just dyes her hair red. Very mature you guys.

Now, if we can set our childishness aside and get back to Sophie Turner’s insatiable lust for sausage, I’ll tell you about her new Instagram where she reviews sausages. I guess Sophie likes to get a sausage where ever she goes, and then tell everyone on the Internet how satisfied she is with them. So let’s take a look at the sausages Sophie has taken and how she rates them.

I guess that one failed to satisfy her. It does look like a bit of a mess.

She says around the size of her middle finger is perfect there, so I guess Sophie likes her sausages on the small side.

There we go, that’s what she’s been looking for. The sausages may be a bit small, but she can take three at one time, and that’s what she’s needed.

See, she really needs to have three at once, she even mentions it when she only gets two.

No one wants a lumpy sausage, even if it is a good size.

Maybe Turner can team up with onion ring aficionado Lorde.

This sausage review blog really vibes with the aesthetic Turner and her fictional sister Maisie Williams have cultivated since they’ve grown up: sexy weirdos.

What did I tell you, sexy weirdo.

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