This Woman has a Vagina Gun

I had thought that the dumbest place anyone ever put a gun, aside from the lady who got her uterus shot out because she wanted to get fucked by a loaded shotgun, was the time Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren put a loaded gun in her yoga pants pointing straight at her vagina. Seriously, look at this, it is an amazing way to blow your vagina off.

But not so fast, because according to The Smoking Gun a woman named Anika Witt, who pleaded guilty to weapons possession, hid a loaded gun inside her vagina.

Witt and Clinton McDonald, 29, were arrested following a traffic stop on Interstate 55 just north of Bloomington. A search of the pair’s vehicle turned up heroin and Ecstasy, police reported.

Witt was subsequently transported to the McLean County jail, where arrestees are subjected to a strip search. It was during that procedure that a female jailer recovered a loaded Kimber .380 caliber handgun from Witt’s vagina. The weapon, cops say, had a fully loaded clip and a bullet in the chamber. The gun, seen below in a photo from the manufacturer’s web site, is 5.6” long and weighs 13.4 ounces with an empty magazine.

Yeah, it takes a lot of effort to be dumber than Tomi Lahren, but by god Anika Witt managed it. I expect a statement from the NRA any minute explaining that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun in their vagina is a good guy with a gun in their vagina.

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5 years ago

Comparing a criminal to a regular armed citizen. Writer knows nothing about guns, only fear mongering fake news.