Tiffany Haddish Will Say Who Bit Beyonce If You Help Her With Her Bags

If you’ve seen enough TMZ videos, you notice that they always catch celebrities right as they are leaving the airport. In case you were wondering, yes, TMZ does pay a guy to stand around at LAX all day to flag down celebrities.

Tiffany Haddish flew into LAX over the weekend. And there was TMZ to ask her some questions. But he made a big mistake. I’ll let Haddish explain.

She captioned it:

TMZ is out of order for that SMH. What is wrong with men today you can stand there and watch us women load bags and not help Weak.

An irate Haddish was none too please with Mr. TMZ standing around while her and her girls loaded up the SUV with multiple bags of luggage. And when he wanted to ask her some questions, she gave him nothing. Had he helped, Haddish said, “I woulda told you who the f**k bit Beyonce.”

Chivalry is truly dead.

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