People Are Defending Tristan Thompson Better Than He’s Ever Defended on the Court

Tristan Thompson is about to play meaningful minutes for a Cleveland Cavaliers team with championship aspirations. But no one cares because he cheated on a pregnant Khloe Kardashian.

Most are against Thompson. After all, what kind of man cheats on a pregnant woman? But there are some out there who want to be edgy, so they’ve decided to defend Thompson. It’s the first time anyone bothered to play defense on Thompson.

Just look at these guys.


Look, I know Thompson isn’t used to handling double teams, he’s been around LeBron James enough to know what to do. When the double team comes, you pass. You don’t try to shoot over the two defenders. And if a third defender comes, you call a timeout to get a rest. This is basketball 101.

I have to imagine that some of these tweets are jokes. There’s a no way a rational human can watch the video and conclude, “This dude was held captive.”

Khloe has already admitted she’s not into pregnancy sex. After spending all day getting yelled at by LeBron for sucking at basketball, he needs to relieve some stress. He knew what he was doing and why he was doing it.

Furthermore, he knows that Khloe is a curse. If the Cavaliers want to win a title this year, he had to end things.

I’m not defending the man, I’m just offering his logic.

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