Verne Troyer Being Held for Observation After Friend Reports He’s Suicidal

It’s hard to be Verne Troyer. He was once the biggest little star in Hollywood, but then Peter Dinklage came around with his actual acting talent and Verne was sent back to the Shire. He doesn’t even get to hang out with Ricky Gervais like Warwick Davis. His highest-profile gig since Mike Meyers stopped making Austin Powers movies has been an uncredited guest apperance on Two and a Half Men.

Well, it turns out obscurity and being rejected by Kelly Osbourne takes a toll on a guy. According to TMZ, Troyer is on a 72-hour psychiatric hold at a hospital after a friend reported that he was suicidal.

Law enforcement sources tell us a friend of Verne’s made the call around 7:30 PM, and described him as being extremely upset, drunk and suicidal. We’re told cops and fire department paramedics responded, and Verne was transported to a hospital for possible alcohol poisoning.

We’re told he’s being held for 72 hours for evaluation.

Verne’s been battling alcoholism — and it was almost exactly a year ago when he was admitted to a hospital for it. He later checked into a rehab treatment program.

I hope Verne is okay. Sure, I joke because he’s a washed-up hobbit whose only successful film role was one where he didn’t speak, but he seems like a decent guy, so let’s hope he gets the help he needs.

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