Awful Coachella Video of People Enjoying Themselves Surfaces

A video offering a sad glimpse into our society is currently being shared around the web.

The footage shows festival-goers huddled around the main attraction at Coachella, the ferris wheel, taking photos of each other, documenting their experience and most likely thoroughly enjoying themselves.

The cameraman walks around in disgust looking through his cellphone as he captures hundreds of smiling faces. “Look at how sad these people are. Living their lives through a glowing screen,” said the thousands watching the footage on their phones and computers.

And they’re right. Look at these awful happy people. Taking a break between sets at a festival to capture a memory they’ll probably look back on fondly when they’re old and grey. Ugh. Can’t they spend their time living in the moment by pressing their sweaty bodies up against other sweaty bodies at a performance none of them care to see? Sad. Just. Sad.

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