Ayesha Curry Accosted After Warriors-Rockets Game

It was a rough night for the Curry family on Thursday in Houston. Steph Curry shot 2 of 8 on threes as the Golden State Warriors lost Game 5 to the Houston Rockets.

Oh yeah, Chris Paul did this to him.

Things weren’t much better for Steph’s wife Ayesha and dad Dell. After the game, they were taunted by Houston fans.

Ayesha took to Twitter to play better defense than her husband.

The fan, and his overzealous shift key, responded.

The fan is in the wrong for talking s**t in the first place. All he had to do was shimmy in her face and not say a word. And the Currys are in the wrong for going to the game despite being eight months pregnant. You don’t need to be traveling and taking on the stress watching basketball brings.

Something tells me Ayesha will have the last laugh on Monday.

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5 years ago

She’s obviously weak willed and extremely easy to manipulate. He had her dancing on his puppet strings with just a couple of comments. Why didn’t she just walk away? Probably best advice any time, but especially when you’re pregnant. Bad things can happened, and for what? Why get in a taunting match with some anonymous idiot you don’t know after a game? Just laugh it off and go back home and realize life is wonderful.