Britney Spears Is Now Your Hot and Wise Mother

Britney Spears is the one of the biggest pop stars of all time. And yeah, she went through some hard times in life – mainly the Kevin Federline years – but she never seemed to lack in confidence. That’s because who she is on stage is not who she is in real life.

Speaking to the Associated Press, Spears said being on stage and performing is “a boost to my confidence. It’s like an alter-ego type thing. Something clicks and I go and turn into this different person. I think it’s kind of a gift to be able to do that.”

You have to be confident to keep performing after the 2007 Video Music Awards debacle.

Spears continued by saying that she’s a “sensitive” and “shy” person away from the stage. She must be channelling her on stage persona when she’s posting those Instagram workout videos.

The singer, who is leaving Las Vegas to embark on her “Piece of Me” tour in July, claims that the video above took 40 takes. Sam Asghari, her boyfriend and trainer, wanted it to be perfect. But when she’s solo in the workout videos, like so….

She does it in one take.

In words to live by, Spears said, “I think it’s healthy to be able to put on the persona of being confident.”

Britney Spears being a wise MILF is not where I pictured her being ten years ago. But she did it. Don’t ever tell me Christina Aguilera won this battle.

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