Drake Kills Pusha T and Kanye West with Paper over Lyrics

It may have been a holiday weekend for most, but Drake was working overtime.

Last week, Pusha T released his album Daytona. On a track titled “Infrared,” King Push takes a shot at Drake and his ghostwriters with the following lyrics:

The game’s fucked up
N***a’s beats is bangin’, n***a, ya hooks did it
The lyric pennin’ equal the Trumps winnin’
The bigger question is how the Russians did it
It was written like Nas, but it came from Quentin

This isn’t the first time a rapper has called out Drake for his ghostwriting ways. Ask Meek Mill how that ended for him.

Not one to sit back, Drake recorded a response less than 24 hours later titled “Duppy Freestyle.”

At the end, Drake mentions sending an invoice to Kanye West and Pusha T for the publicity he’s given them. Pusha told Drake to put an extra $20K on it.

Drake obliged.

This is kind of unfair. Kanye is mentally unstable right now and Drake is just picking on the man. Kanye hasn’t tweeted in three days. Are we sure he’s alright?

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