G-Eazy Arrested in Sweden for Partying Too Hard…And Cocaine…And Assault

G-Eazy will have plenty of time to be alone with “Me, Myself, and I” because he’s in custody in Sweden.

The rapper was arrested after allegedly striking a security guard and getting caught with cocaine. According to TMZ, he was partying too hard after his show in Stockholm and when police tried to calm him, he threw punches.

Once he was calmed down and arrested, police found cocaine on him.

Halsey, G-Eazy’s girlfriend, was also involved. In the video below, you can hear her say that she was punched in the face as well.

All of this because the hotel only had white shampoo? That’s a little extreme.

G-Eazy is still in custody. He’s being charged with suspicion of assault, possession of narcotics and use of narcotics

Sean Kingston was also at the party, but no one noticed.

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