Harvey Weinstein’s Courtroom Sketch Captures His Inner Ugly

Harvey Weinstein’s story is actually a fairly tragic one. In the past, he was a popular young district attorney in Gotham City, until his face was deformed by the very criminals he had put behind bars. The stress of the attack drove him insane and turned him into the villain Two-Face.

Wait, what do you mean that’s Harvey Dent? Then what happened to Harvey Weinstein’s face? What do you mean nothing happened to it, look at the guy, that is the face of a man who was in some sort of industrial accident.

Okay, apparently Harvey Weinstein isn’t a comic book villain and just kind of looks like that, but if he was a comic book character, I think courtroom sketch artist Jane Rosenberg should be the one to draw it. look at the way she captured the essence of Harvey Weinstein’s rape golem soul in this sketch.

I was wrong, old Harv isn’t Two-Face, he’s Clayface.

Look at that, the resemblance is uncanny. They have the same hobbies. Hell, Clayface was even part of the Hollywood elite.

You might remember Jane Rosenberg from her sketches of Martin Shkreli, who himself looks like a comic book villain called The Incel or something. It would be so satisfying to see Black Canary kick the crap out of these two idiots. We should hire Gail Simone to write it and have Jane Rosenberg handle the art. I would buy that comic.

[Image: David Shankbone]

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