How NFL Players Can Fight the New ‘Kneeling’ Rule

The Redskins are still a thing in the NFL, but don’t you dare kneel during the National Anthem.

NFL owners approved a new policy that states all players present on the field during the anthem must stand. Failure to stand will result in your team getting fined. You can stay in the locker room if you would like, but that will only lead to Twitter ridicule.

The NFL has taken four years to figure out what a catch is, but one dude kneels during the National Anthem and a policy is changed within 12 months.

If players are looking for new ways to protest the idea, here are my top 5 suggestions.

5. Hide your face

Keep your helmet on. The league won’t give you a voice, don’t give them a face.

4. Heckle during the anthem

Yell things during the anthem like the jackass in the crowd who had too much to drink at the tailgate.

3. Don’t change

Kneel anyway. The worst thing that happens if you kneel is the team gets fined. Let the owner who voted for this rule take a hit.

2. Kneel, but differently

Sit Indian style. But call it Redskin style. They won’t do a thing about that.

1. Finger guns

Make a finger gun and hold it into the air. This won’t cause a controversy. I swear.

Or stand like good soldiers and don’t risk unemployment like Colin Kaepernick.

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