Heartwarming: Janet Jackson Bought Jenna Dewan Her First Box Full of Dildos

Janet Jackson gives the best gifts, according to Jenna Dewan. Dewan was on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote her show World of Dance when she opened up about the sorts of gifts Jackson would giver her backup dancers.

She was a really great boss, she was a very generous boss, so she would give us amazing gifts. I have a blinged out diamond watch, which by the way, should everything go away I’m like “I could sell this watch.” It’s an amazing watch.

So that’s nice. Dewan went on to recall the time Jackson gave her a box of vibrators for Valentine’s Day when she was 19. Dewan described it as a “pleasure chest” and said Jackson got one for all the dancers, who she said all came into work glowing the next day.

I guess that’s a nice Valentine’s Day gift, but it’s also a bit insulting, isn’t it? Like “Here, I love you guys and I know none of you can actually get laid, so here are some vibrators.” They’re all dancers, I doubt they’d have any trouble, really. I feel like it probably doesn’t entirely jibe with her conversion to Islam.

Also, how many vibrators does a person need? I know I have different equipment than the primary market for vibrator connoisseurs, but it seems like after two or three you’re going to hit a point of diminishing returns, plastic-dong-wise. But I don’t know, maybe you ladies need to hook like 15 different contraptions up to your junk to get off, and that’s okay. It’s just one of those things that will have to remain a mystery to me, like the location of the clitoris or why anyone watched Jake Paul’s YouTube channel; I could easily find the answer, but I really don’t think it’s worth the effort.

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