Katy Perry Wanted to End Her Taylor Swift Feud for the Longest Time, But the Snake Refused Her Offers

The feud that ended a year ago has ended once again, but it took a long time getting there.

Entertainment Tonight has the exclusive how Katy Perry tried ending her beef with Taylor Swift forever. And this was all over backup dancers!

Last week, Perry wrote a note to Swift and sent her an actual olive branch. Taylor revealed the gift on her Instagram story.

Perry admitted defeat in this feud last year when her album flopped and everyone panned “Swish Swish,” a diss track aimed at Swift Swift. Despite her public attempts to admit defeat, Perry was ignored by Swift.

A source told ET, “(Perry) hates that feeling of having bad blood. She often told friends she wanted to end this fight with Taylor, but didn’t know how to make that happen. Katy’s attempts to apologize through her interviews seemed to have no effect on Taylor. She kept trying to show Taylor she cared and wanted to end this rift, but Taylor wasn’t having it.”

The feud divided friends of both parties, including Karlie Kloss, a longstanding Squad member who was spotted out with Perry earlier this year.

Let’s remember that this feud was over a backup dancer. And it turned into petty shots on social media, petty shots in music videos, and full blown diss tracks. This backup dancer better be the next Channing Tatum.

The source notes that even if Swift didn’t accept the apology, Katy was going to keep trying. Because American Idol won’t be around forever. Fortunately for her, the apology was accepted and now Perry can appear on stage with Swift during her Reputation tour and the two can make up and kiss to see if Swift likes it.

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