Kevin Smith’s Doctor Agrees: Weed Saves Lives

In news that isn’t shocking to potheads, weed saved Kevin Smith’s life. Don’t take my word for it. Take the word of Kevin Smith’s doctor.

Appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Smith told how he survived his heart attack back in February.

“I asked my doctor like after this was all done, I was like, ‘I hate to ask this question, man, but did I have a heart attack because of the weed? Because I smoked a joint right before the show.’ And he goes, ‘No. In fact, quite the opposite. That weed saved your life.’

“He goes, ‘You kept calm. They told you you were having a massive heart attack. I just told you now. They told you were going through stuff and you remained calm the whole time, so that joint saved your life,’ I was like, ‘I’m putting that on a T-shirt.’”

And this, dear readers, is why weed is the best drug for any situation. Because no matter what’s going wrong in your life, weed will keep you calm.

Smith is currently making the rounds to promote his new special on Showtime, Silent But Deadly, which premieres May 11.

He shot the special on the night he suffered the heart attack. So, light up a joint and enjoy it. Doctor’s orders.

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Nate Fanfare
Nate Fanfare
6 years ago

Bull. S**t.